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Thc Liquid

Thc Liquid

Mdmb-Chmica Research Chemical and the Legality Status

Most people incorrectly know this mdmb-chmica research chemical as MMB-CH MINACA. It is a synthetic cannabinoid known to have it bsae on indole. This research chemical is known to be CB1 receptor potent agonist and for many years has always been sold as designer drug. Before now, this chemical was sold by the manufacture using the name MMB-CHMINACA and the possible compound that correspond to  the code name known a isopropyl rather than the t-butyl MDMB- CHMINACA  analogue. While on the designer drug market this chemical was identified since 2015 as AMB-CHMINACA. Though, this chemical is legal in countries like UK, US and  CA, it is illegal in most other countries of the world including Croatia, China, Austria, Hungary, Denmark and lots more.